Saturday, 19 February 2011

10 days to go...

I've been thinking about what I need to do in preparation for the challenge. I've frozen my gym membership until the challenge is complete, I need to think about my diet, I read somewhere that red meat should be avoided, need to look into this a bit more and also what I'm going to wear..yes I still  like to look good even if I am going to look like I've just came out of the shower after the session. 

It dawned on me last night that I should do at least ONE session before the actual challenge to reacquaint myself with the moves (it's been over a year since I last practised) and also the heat!  So, I popped to a class....I'm lucky to have a studio 10 minutes away from home.

I forgot about the stench of feet at the door. When entering any Bikram studio, everyone removes their shoes and leaves them by the door, this does present me with a slight problem because I do hate walking about barefooted. 

I quickly register and enter the studio to claim my mat. I decide to go right to the back as I haven't practised in so long and will need to copy others. As I claim my space, I notice this woman run towards my direction but I place my towel down just before she gets to the spot, I realise now she wants my spot. I ask if she wants it as I'm not that bothered, she says no but seems a bit awkward about it, so I ask her again, she then tells me that she has a bad habit of standing at that particular spot as it's a little cooler as it is by the emergency exit .Anyway, she starts chatting and is actually quite friendly. Class begins...

We begin with a breathing exercise which used to make me giggle, it always makes me think of roaring lions, the noises made during this exercise can be quite loud! I just join in now! I find myself remembering most of the postures and manage to get into most of them though my back and joints do make cracking noises along the way and I can feel how stiff I am. I still can't do posture 20 - supta vajrasana (fixed firm pose), it requires you to sit on your knees and bend right back onto the floor but with your bum touching the floor too. 

yp_vaj2.gif (5700 bytes)

Throughout the class, I notice a girl at the front who has obviously been practising Bikram for years, she has the yoga body I would like and she is so deep into the poses, she will be my benchmark!

Half an hour before the end of the class, I now realise why the woman who wanted my space wanted my space! The teacher opens the door and cold air gushes into the room and I feel like I'm in a club with a steam machine! It was a real treat though not sure it's good to be so hot then suddenly have this cold air on me. It's been nice not to think of anything but concentrate on getting into the postures and I'm feeling energised which doesn't last long.

When I get home, I'm feeling very light headed and drink 2 litres of water and get some food down me. I feel sleepy for the rest of the evening.

This morning my body aches, especially my arms......hope this means bye bye bingo wings! 



  1. Good work Mon, great idea to take a few classes before you get started wake up those muscles. I couldn't do fix firm for ages, the pain in my ankles was so bad. (& I had penguin feet sticking out) Check out this blog, it's awesome, Kat Eden is my unofficial guru of yoga food, she did a talk at our studio last Dec & recommended lots of lean protein before class.

  2. Kath, this is awesome, thanks so much! I have so much prep to do!

  3. go monica! i love bikram yoga but can't imagine the dedication to do it for 30 days! this is definitely a 'YOU GO GIRL' moment!!

  4. Aw thanks Zaira! I had no idea you were into Bikram, you will have to join me at some point this month, the studio is less that 10 minutes from your house!