Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Day 1...it has started!

I managed to do Fix Firm! (go back to my last post if you want to know what this is) This makes me happy because I have NEVER been able to do this but something clicked today, I made a couple of adjustments to my position and voila I was on the ground! Ahh, I'm so happy, I wasn't expecting to be able to do this until later on into the challenge. Ok, it did hurt me a little and I know I should be careful not to over do it but it felt soo good! At least I know now that I CAN do it!

I felt tired all day and wasn't all that motivated to go to the 8pm class but I made a commitment to myself to do this so I went. There were a couple of newbies, nothing wrong with those except when they are distracting me! Remember I mentioned the 'roaring lion' breathing exercise in my first post, they couldn't stop laughing and it was really annoying me. But fair enough, I'm sympathetic, I know I had a giggle the first time I had to do that. 

I found it very difficult to concentrate throughout the standing series, the newbies were whispering to each other even though the teacher had already told them to shut up, this made me lose focus and instead of concentrating on myself I was watching other people, those falling out of poses were making me do the same. My floor series was much better once the newbies were a little quieter. 

I feel really energised after this session and the 90 minutes flew by. I didn't feel as spaced out as I did from my last session I did a couple of weeks ago. 

So I've come home and I've gulped copious amounts of water and I'm ravenous! Quick shower and I made chicken and broccoli pesto pasta for dinner, bit late for dinner and probably a bit heavy but that's what my body wanted, I don't like to deprive myself ;) 

Bring on day 2....



  1. yay congratulations, day 1 done! On the food thing, do eat what your body craves. It means it need it, plus you must keep your energy up as you'll be burning up to 800 cal per class. Distractions are the worse, sometime you just can't block it out. Try moving forward as the more focused people will be at the front.

  2. Kath, I was thinking as I woke up this morning that I will go into the middle row today, I've been hiding in the back row as I lack experience but I'm feeling more 'brave' now! Thank you for the food comment!