Thursday, 10 March 2011

Day 10...i'm a third of the way through!

I'm a third of the way through the challenge, still feeling good about it, I did have a few days of fatigue last week but I seem to have come out that now, the last few days have been great, feeling very energised after each class. 

Today the room seemed extra hot which was making me struggle with the floor series as my energy had been sapped out during the standing series. I wasn't so keen on today's teacher either, she kept wanting to demonstrate the postures which is great but I felt like it was really interrupting my flow as she made us look at her all the time and I'm not really sure it was that necessary as there were only 2 newbies in the room. She was certainly different to any other teacher I've had, she read some quote from a yoga book during Corpse Pose - Savasana and sang/chanted some tune in the final savasana, hmm not my cuppa tea. 

I had a 'small world' moment today, one of my friend's bf's was at the studio, I wasn't sure if it was him as I'd only met the guy once and it was a very brief introduction, so I kept looking at him to see if it was him, he probably thinks I was checking him out! Got home and texted my friend and it was indeed her bf. London is one of those weird places where you can bump into people anywhere and everywhere, it's not as big as you think!

Tomorrow night, I'm going to try out a candlelit class!


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