Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Day 29...penultimate class

From the beginning of the challenge, I've had a few people who have said they'd be interested in joining me at certain points of the challenge but until today, they've not managed to make any of the classes (out of fear I think!) except for my friend Bilal who actually made it today! He did awesome and was way flexible. 

In comparison to yesterday, the room was so cool, the teacher kept opening the door for air to a point where I was beginning to think that it wasn't warm enough. The 'coolness' actually helped me so much with many of the poses, I was getting into them with no problems and was finding that I was more flexible today.

I've noticed in the last few classes that Eagle Pose - Garusrasana is fast becoming one of my favourite postures:

I'm liking the challenge of really getting low and getting that leg wrapped right round the opposite ankle, balancing on one foot throughout. When I first start I couldn't really get the leg wrapped round properly and now it goes all the way! It's a great posture, I think I've mentioned in previous posts, that this one opens up 12 major joints in the body, great for varicose veins, reproductive organs and improves the immune system. 

Tomorrow is my last day, I hope it will be a successful class also. I've decided that I'd quite like to do another challenge in October. Am I mad?


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  1. You're not mad Mon, just a Bikram Yogini now!