Sunday, 20 March 2011

Day 20...being careful

The back is still giving me a little bit of trouble but not as bad as yesterday. I'm being careful not to over do it and being extra careful when it comes to the back postures. There's not a great deal to report today, I'm taking it slowly and looking forward to completing in 10 days. 



  1. My back was really sore in my first challenge. Right at the base of the lumbar. Gotta suck that stomach in to protect it but yes take it easy and be carefull in bot the front and back bends. Hope it gets better soon xx

  2. That's exactly the area I have the pain too but it's feeling but better now, I'm being very careful in the postures involving my back. I'm sucking the stomach in so much now, it really makes a difference, it is easy to forget and let it all hang out! x