Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Day's getting hot in here!

This may sound like a stupid comment to open with but it was very hot in the room today, unlike yesterday the room was cool and warmed up, today it was hot from the word go, I was sweating from just sitting in the room. The teacher realised it was hot as she kept opening the door and asking for air from reception. It was a different teacher to yesterday and I liked her a lot, she was nice and firm and I even got a correction which is great as it's hard to know some times if you are doing the postures properly. 

I was feeling excited following yesterday's class which left me feeling energised and wanting to see how far I could stretch my body in today's session. 

The studio was rammed, there was well over 60 people in the room. There are a few things that annoy me about this studio in Balham:

1/ the studio is way too small for the amount people who attend
2/ the changing rooms are too small
3/ the gap between classes is too small resulting in lots of people in that in between class period, people leaving and entering

But there are positives:

1/ it's clean
2/ and it's 10 mins from home

I got to pose 22 Ustrasana - Camel Pose today and the heat got to me, I was tired and I just didn't have the energy.

Camel Pose, Ustrasana, Camel Pose Asana 

I did the pose but didn't try very hard, I'm told this pose can be very emotional, it was making me feel a little nauseous. After that I just wanted the class to hurry up, I just wanted to get out of there. 

I ticked off my class on the 30 day challengers board and rushed out. I was feeling a little spaced out as I drove my car home thinking all the way that I probs shouldn't be driving!

I'm feeling achy today, it's mainly in the arms, I hope this means I'm getting nice yoga arms!



  1. Wow your studio yesterday was cool then warmed up. Ours is always top temp to start then cools off a little towards the end. I go in five minutes before and I'm usually soaked as I get up to start! Don't worry about Camel it is a crazy one but very good for cleansing from the inside.

  2. Teacher was nice and firm? Sounds a Hong Kong Northampton Londoner that I know ;)