Saturday, 12 March 2011

Day 12...hello hips!

I'm really feeling my hips after today's session, not sure why, I don't think I did anything different. I was feeling tight today though, weird, you'd think that going everyday would loosen me up but my stretches seemed to pinch. 

It frustrated me that one posture I can usually do without must concern was causing me problems, Head to Knee Stretching - Janushirasana Paschimottnanasa:

I can usually do it with my leg straight but for some reason I coudn't reach and had to lift the knee towards my head like in the pic above. 

I love Bikram for the calmness surrounding the whole experience and there are rules when in the studio, 2 important ones are:

1) Talking is a no, talking loudly is a no no!
2) Drinking during postures is a no!

There was a couple in the room today chatting away before the class started, it really bothered one practiser - not sure if I just made a word up there - but she went over and basically told them to shut up. The couple did stop talking but did look at this person as to say, 'who the hell are you?' This woman was one of those super serious types, whilst everyone else waited for the teacher to come in to take the class, this woman was there, twirling her legs about opening her hips out and back bending and stretching all over the place.

Dressing appropriately is so important. It's hot, so most people opt to wear not a lot, one lady actually opted to practise in her bra, yes her bra, it was flowery! Ladies underwear is always on show in the studio, as you get into postures, your top rides up or your bottoms slide down, that's when you see an array of g-strings on display, looks so uncomfortable, dental floss springs to mind...



  1. Oh the g-string flashers. Another one I don't get, would rather go commando than wear the g to exercise in.

    Gotta love the serious one's warming up. I prefer to just lay there conserving every once of energy until I have to move!!!

  2. I'm with you on both counts Kath!