Saturday, 5 March 2011

Day please come back!

5th day done. Somehow I feel even more tired than yesterday even though I slept for 9 hours. I went to a midday session hoping that I would feel fresh but I found it even more of a struggle; I think my breakfast was insufficient! I usually go to class after work, so I've had time to munch all day and drink plenty of water.

Second week is fast approaching and I'm going to concentrate much more on my diet, I need energy foods! Hope my body gets used to me drinking so much water soon, I can't stop peeing. I've heard that the Bikram series can have some effects on the digestive system, so far I can report movements are normal ;)

I was so tired today that I zonked out after lunch. Dear me, I hope the energy comes back soon and that this is normal!

Not sure if this is a normal result but my eczema seems to be disappearing, benefits of the sweat perhaps? Need to investigate!


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