Sunday, 20 March 2011

Day 19...I've done my back in

Bikram is now one of the more popular forms of yoga being attended with studios popping up all over London and even out of London. Though there are many medical advantages to practising this form of yoga, many have also criticised it as there are risks in performing this kind of yoga. You can experience dizziness, nausea and dehydration but if you keep yourself hydrated this shouldn't be a problem. One of the other problems is over stretching which is easy to do in a room heated to 40 degrees when the body is warmed and flexible. If someone stretches 20 - 25% of the muscle's resting length then it gets damaged. 

I'm not sure exactly what I've done but my lower back is causing me some discomfort though I did continue to practise today but sitting out of any postures which were going to cause any pain to my lower back. It's really annoying as I was fully aware of this and made sure I didn't over do it but I had a couple of strong practises this week which has obviously made me over stretch.

Oh well, I guess all I can do is continue with care.


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