Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Day 8...another great day for the toe stand!

I have a cold. I've gone from someone who is rarely ill to someone who has had 2 colds already this year, what is going on!? Anyway, I wasn't going to let a cold ruin my challenge so I headed to class, once I was in there I was fine, apart from the odd moment when my nose was running in forward facing positions. The heat felt good for the cold, it unblocked my nose and cleared my head. 

Since managing to get into Toe Stand - Padangustasana yesterday, it has given me confidence for the posture and I decided to try it on my right side ( I could only do the left yesterday). It was strange, I had no issues getting into it at all. When I'm done in the final position:

I feel tight round the hips but it's not uncomfortable, it is a great stretch for the hip area. I love it!

Now, one little thing I wondered since I started, everyone can do what they like and all that but why do some girls wear make up in a Bikram class?! It is totally ridiculous, their make up is sliding off their faces within minutes from all the sweating, doesn't make any sense to me, you just end up with panda eyes as well, it's so not attractive! Anyway, rant over!


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  1. I don't get that one either make up to class. I have a panic attack if I forget to take my make up off. I'm a bright red, sweaty mess after five minutes! Plus I don't want foundation/mascara stains all over my yoga clothes/towel!!