Friday, 11 March 2011

Day first candlelit class

Candlelit class happens every Friday evening, I'd never seen this on another timetable before so I thought let's see what this is all about. It says no beginners, so it was going to be a newbie free class, it was still rammed, it is Friday night and there are still loads of people, I was hoping to have free mat space on either side of me. 

The room was dark but not as dark as I was expecting, there were candles scattered around the room but there was still a very low light on. I didn't really see the big deal or point of the candlelit class but half way through the class I realised I had to focus a lot more to stay balanced. Also every time I got into Savasana I really had to force myself to keep my eyes open. 

I had a great Eagle Pose - Garusrasana today, the toes curled right round my leg today and could see them popping out from behind the other leg. 

Can't see her toes popping out from behind in this pic but this is what the posture looks like. It's a fantastic posture as it opens up 12 major joints, improves balance, good for varicose veins, the reproductive organs and strengthens your legs. 

I've been debating whether I should invest into a special towel for hot yoga, it's basically a towel which covers the exact size of the yoga mat, non slipping and absorbs sweat. It's £25, seems steep for a towel and I'd need more than one. I bought some cheap towels for the challenge and I've managed to give myself towel burn on the right elbow and the tops of my feet, not sure how.

Which brings me onto feet. People's feet are on display all the time in Bikram, this exercise is done with barefeet, some people get a bit shy about this, you get the odd one who comes in with their socks on and are told to remove them but someone actually turned up in tights under her trousers yesterday!! What were they thinking! And some people seriously need to cut their toenails, I don't know how they wear their shoes, I've seen some bad feet!


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  1. Oh the drama of feet, especially when they are parked right under your nose. Wow I've never seen anyone try to leave their socks on (in body balance I have & they are allowed) but tights..bonkers.

    I'd say get the yoga towel. They are awesome, you can actually feel the floor/mat better and will help your balance as they don't scrunch up. They dry super quick too & take up less space. I have three. Have a look on, these are the one's I have but they don't ship to Aus anymore. (bit cheaper than yogitoes too but just as good)

    Here's the link: