Thursday, 10 March 2011

Day 9...i love corrections

Did someone tell Balham studios that I had a cold because today the vents or humidifier or something had eucalyptus coming through, it was awesome for me, really helped with my cold and it felt so fresh but humid at the same time. I did the 8.45pm again today, I am liking much more the late classes not just because there are less people as that's not always the case but I just feel calmer not rushing to class. 

New teacher today who I've never seen before, Andrew, his biog is interesting, he was a lawyer and was very much a 'yoga not for me' type. He had pick up many injuries from running and one Bikram session in Sydney showed him the benefits of this type of yoga and lead him to became a teacher. I liked him, there was a bit of humour in this dialogue and he gave me two corrections! I love corrections because (1) I like to know that I'm doing the postures correctly and (2) I have his attention. No, I'm not an attention seeker but it's good to know that the teachers have an eye on how you're getting into the postures and that you are doing it correctly and not just going through the motions of talking you through each posture. 

In previous posts, I've been going on about Toe Stand, another posture giving me trouble is Locust Pose - Salabhasana but I feel like I made progress in this one today, my arms definitely aren't hurting as much as before, you have to bring them right under the body and palms facing downwards then lift the legs in the air, like so:

Unfortunately, I can't see how high I am kicking up but it felt like a good 6 inches off the ground, I would love to know!

Now, this may seem like a strange thing to mention but I was told a few years back that I don't breathe correctly by a yoga teacher and this is something that I am very mindful of when I am in class, luckily the teachers repeat all the time how we should be breathing, so when you inhale your belly should rise and exhale, belly goes back to normal. I've been doing this wrong for almost 30 years! LOL!


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