Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Day 21 - 23...suck the belly in

I've decided to write the blog entries less frequently in the last week of the challenge as it is becoming all a bit same-y, my practise is steady and nothing significant to report. The last few days the back has been repairing itself and I've been careful not to over stretch, it is feeling a million times better and the yoga is actually helping iron out the ache in certain postures. 

During a Bikram class, you often get told to 'suck the belly in', this is to protect your back. But as you get yourself into the postures, trying to remember to keep the legs locked and the arms locked, it's very easy to forget you've got to suck that belly in as well and it can sometimes just kinda hang loose. 

The last couple of days though, I've made a massive effort to suck the belly in and it has helped immensely with the back issue. Thanks to Kath over at A Sweaty Adventure  for reminding me about this. 

My practise was a little shocking tonight, my focus was just not there and I was wobbling a lot during the standing series. It didn't help though that quite a few people decided that they were going to walk in and out of the room tonight, it was really affecting my concentration. The rules are that if you are feeling a bit a dizzy or unwell, you just stay in the room and lie down, that usually sorts the problem out. The teacher tonight is good with her instruction but she isn't very strict so allows all this movement in class which is annoying. 


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  1. You're welcome! Don't forget to put your spine in 'imprint' (flat to the ground) in the sit up set up and suck in extra hard. A lot of people leave their spine in neutral (natural curve) and this can jar it as you come up and round forward. So so much to remember all at once, our ears are our best tool.