Monday, 7 March 2011

Day 7...toe stand baby!

I was in work an hour earlier than I usually am today as I was interviewing, girl decided last minute that she couldn't make it, really not the best start on a Monday morning! I'm feeling super tired. Then mid afternoon, a filling decides to fall out, great, more costs this month! The month of March was meant to be a money saving one with Bikram occupying my life, it was meant to stop me spending, however that's not happened...this month all the following has happened: car MOT, car insurance, a possible cam belt replacement, water bill and now my teeth!  Bikram itself isn't cheap either, I'm spending a fortune on bottled water and lots of it, yes I am a water snob, I can't drink London water. 

Anyway, I had booked myself into the 7pm class, I usually have about 15 minutes from when I get home to when I have to be back out of the door again. I got home and I was starving, tired and had a stomach cramp, then I thought to myself, why the hell am I rushing like this, I know it is because I don't want to be too late coming back but actually I thought there are advantages to going to the 8.45pm, though it is super late because I don't get back til around 10.30pm, I can eat, chill out for a bit and calm myself down a bit from rushing through rush hour, there should be less people in class too. So I did just that. I felt much calmer heading to the 8.45pm.

I was quite surprised at how many people there were (and loads of men), even at this hour and the amount of newbies! It was a good class for me, the teacher was Michael, I've had a him about 3 times now, his dialogue and instruction is good and he is firm and strict but not scary. One of my colleagues who got me into Bikram said to me that once you find an instructor you like, you'll enjoy your classes a bit more, she said she finds the firm bossy ones best, I think she might be right!

As you may have guessed I managed to do Toe Stand - Padangustasana today fully but only on the left side of my body, I couldn't stop smiling. I was actually explaining the posture to colleague at work today and how I was finding it difficult, so am super happy about that. Locus Pose - Salabhasana was better for me today as well, the arms weren't hurting as much as they usually do.

I came out of class with a massive energy boost, I felt so awake, probs not the best thing so late at night but I felt great and also my stomach cramps had gone, I had been complaining about backache during the day as well and the tension seemed to have gone from there too.

Late night classes seem to do it for me! 



  1. Ahhh the healing powers of Bikram, gotta love it. I agree London water is vile, get a Britta filter and a nice stainless steel, insulated bottle.

  2. London water is gorgeous, you water snobs!

  3. You would say that, that's all you've known!

  4. I love water from the south!! Well done Monica Bikram is haaaaard i want to do it!