Monday, 28 March 2011

Day's the final countdown

I can't believe there are only 3 days to go, the challenge has gone insanely fast. Today was the first time during the challenge where I felt that I just couldn't and had to sit out of a few of the postures. I did the 8.15am class because I had plans for the day, this translated to 7.15am because the clocks have just gone forward in the UK. I set the alarm an hour early with the intention to get a light snack down me for energy and guzzle some water. Unfortunately I ended up hitting the snooze button quite a number of times and basically got up 20 mins before class, guzzled water and ate some Ribena sweets.  

This was a terrible start. I was fine for the standing series but then into the floor series (an hour in) I began to feel tired, weak, hungry and the heat was irritating me, I was wishing the teacher would open the door to let some air in. Unfortunately for me, this teacher likes it super hot!! 


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