Thursday, 3 March 2011

Day 3...getting stronger

Today, I had half a day at work as we were all being taken out for a nice lunch, going out for lunch at REN means that we don't go back to work. I took this opportunity to make an earlier class! Others took the opportunity to get pissed! Oh how Bikram has taken over my life this month, it's been a nightmare in terms of the social life, I'm having to decline anything during the week because I have to do my classes after work and not before, I just simply don't think I could get up and have the energy. Saying that, I do plan on doing a morning class in a couple of weeks as I had already agreed to something before I decided to do the challenge.

It was nice going to an earlier class today, I really enjoyed the fact that there was much more personal space and I could see myself in the mirror, I know this may sound vain but this is not to see if I look pretty, it helps to see if you're doing the posture correctly. 

I tried super hard today and tried to get as deep as possible into the postures, the space made me feel comfortable to do this without worrying if I was going to knock someone. 

Before the challenge I was concerned that I would start to get bored of the repetition but everyday I go, I think to myself, I wonder what my body is going to be able to do today, you can feel more flexible one day and less flexible on another. Each day has been a different experience so far, I was really tuned into the teacher's dialogue and was correcting myself as she talked through the posture. Each time, I learn something new and it makes it easier. 

I am having issues with sweaty grip! There are a couple of postures where you have to grip round the foot but my hands keep sliding apart which is making it hard for me to do the posture to my best ability. 

I attempted to bend down in Toe Stand Pose - Padangustasana from Tree Pose - Tadasana today but I'm still not ready, I wobble too much, so basically I have to go from this:

to this:

I want to be able to do this by next week! 


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  1. I love Toe Stand! Took me ages to get it. Wednesday I got to picture 2 then kept my hands there and not touch the floor and straight into pic 5. Very tough. I think the masters go straight from Tree to pic 5 with a nice straight spine. Keep at it, it will come!