Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Day 15...officially 1/2 way through

Pat on the back for me if I do say so myself, I'm half way through and I did my first morning class today at 6.30am. Sounds crazy I know, that's two classes within 12 hours. I am not a morning exercise person and this was certainly not by choice. Before I had taken on the challenge, I had agreed to dinner with some friends and not wanting to miss out on some yummy food and great company, I sacrificed a few hours of zzzzz and did a morning class. There is the option to do 2 classes in 1 day too if you miss a day but that just seems too hard core for me. 

The room was set up like a chessboard, there were plenty of spaces, for a morning class there were still quite a few people, around 30 I'd say, there was even a newbie. This was the first class where I could do Full Locust Pose - Poorna Salabhasana without hitting someone elses arms, well I say properly, I actually find this pose a little awkward and painful.

It really hurts my hip bones, also by the time we reach this pose, I'm exhausted, your heart is pounding in your chest.


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