Friday, 18 March 2011

Day 18...please open the door!

Feeling better today but still flu-y, I've lost my appetite, I must be ill! Teacher was Michael today, I like his banter, the class always flows nicely in his classes. I also like him because he is one of those teachers who likes to open the door now again to allow a cool breeze into the room. When I get to the floor series, I crave some cool air, a couple of days ago I was directly under a hot air vent and I wanted to scream out to the teacher to open the door. It's all part of the challenge I guess to withstand the heat, I'd love to know how many litres I have sweated these last 3 weeks, if you've never seen Bikram in action, even people who don't normally sweat, will sweat buckets, you are literally dripping. 

The Bikram studio is one of those places where people don't care how they look, don't get me wrong, some of the girls have amazing yoga bodies and wear lovely co-ordinated pieces but there are some girls who are on the larger side but because of the heat, they have no issues showing their bods off in little shorts and crops tops and with their bellies hanging over, no one cares because it is so hot. I'm surprised how many men opt for the Speedos or tight trunk look, so European! 

Today was another strong practise, I had a particularly strong Dandyamana Janushirasana - Head to Knee, though I can get into the L shape, like so:

I still can't manage to get my head to knee like so:

As soon as I try, I lose my grip and wobble. This posture by the way is good for exercising the digestive and reproductive organs, good for diabetes (blood sugar levels) and strengthens backs muscles and abdominals. 

I've only 13 days left of the challenge and I'm already feeling like I will want to continue practising after this is over. I won't want to do it everyday but I would like to definitely continue to do it at least twice a week. If I didn't have my gym membership, I'd probably look to do it more. 


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